Friday, August 31, 2012

Grace for the Good Girl

I've been starting to read a great book called Grace for the Good Girl, by Emily P. Freeman.

These words stuck out as I was reading tonight:

"When we believe that God expects us to try hard to become who Jesus wants us to be, we will live in that blurry, frustrating land of Should Be rather than trust in The One Who Is. We will do whatever we believe it takes to please God rather than receive the acceptance that has already been given. We will perform to live up to what we believe his expectation is of us rather than expectantly wait on him.
Jesus is calling us to a deeper, truer, freer identity. All he wants is simply you—minus your good works, minus your perfect attendance, minus your politeness. When you really believe that, you may discover that all you want is Jesus, simply Jesus. Not just to get to heaven or to help you be a good person or do the right thing, but to simply love and be loved by him."


There's already been so much good that has come out of reading the first two chapters of this book. I'm really excited about reading the rest of it. Praying for lots of fruit as I read! This book is a sweet gift from my God.

I'm so glad Eric heard them talking about this book on Moody radio. I'm glad he decided to tell me about it. I'm glad God helped me to have the humility to take Eric's suggestion to check it out. I'm glad I put it on my registry. I'm glad my friend bought it for me as a wedding gift. God sure is in the details. He knows our needs.

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