Friday, October 26, 2012

The Man Who Makes Me Fly

I love this sweet little song.

I think it speaks to a longing in every woman's heart.
I'm so glad God gave me a husband who makes me fly.
God's so good to give me such a gift!

FLY by Sara Groves Speak in a summer tone Pause in the afterglow Tenderly whisper my name Tell me once again, why I am your bride So I can fly. So I can fly. Pause in your busy day Look extra long my way Wink at me across the room Kiss me longer Touch my arm when I am by your side So I can fly So I can fly Oh, how the little things stregthen my tiny wings Help me to take on the world When you love me, there's nothing I wouldn't try I might even fly I might even fly I might even fly
The man who makes me fly
Photo by Daniel LaBelle. See some of his most recent work here.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Scandalous Reputation of Jesus

"'He breaks all social etiquette in relating to people. He acknowledge no barriers or human divisions. There is no category of sinner he isolates himself from. Simply stated, Jesus is a miserable failure at meeting religious people's expectations of him. He connects with the kinds of people he should disregard. He attends the wrong dinner parties. He is rude to respected religious leaders and polite to whores. He reprimands his own followers and praises outsiders and riffraff.'

... He stirred things up wherever he went, and the Pharisees hated that fact he existed. He associated with adulterous and unclean women, lepers, and tax collectors. Though he was without sin, there were sill those who questioned his reputation. Knowing there were people who disagreed, even hated him, didn't cause him to change one thing he did. He wasn't working to maintain a good reputation. He was walking in dependence on his Father. Jesus didn't value what people thought; he valued people, period."

-Emily P. Freeman, Grace for the Good Girl
(Part of this quote os quoted by Emily from Breaking the Rules, Fil Anderson)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

A Wedding Prayer

Lord of my life,

Thank you for this undeserved grace. Make our wedding one that points to You. Make our joy be found in You and You alone. Make us aware of Your grace. Help us to remember what marriage means. Oh, how I want us to represent Christ and the Church—on Saturday and for the rest of our lives.

As we set up for the wedding, let us keep Your Kingdom in mind and let the rest be small.

As we get ready Saturday morning, may we remember what it will be like on that day—when Your Bride makes herself ready for You, her Husband.

As we look at one another and I walk toward him, may we have joy in the wonderful way You brought us together. Let us know that the joy we feel is just a tiny picture of the eternal pleasure we will experience in Your presence.

As we sing, make us truly aware of who You are. Make us be in awe of You and how You've worked in our lives.

As we say our vows, Lord, help us to trust in You to give us the strength to keep them.

As we greet our friends, let them know how we love them—and even more, how You love them. Draw them to Yourself, and let them have fun.

As we celebrate with them, help us to enjoy, to soak it in. Let our friends have fun and trust in You. Let our celebration be out of gratitude for Your abundant goodness.

As my new husband and I leave together, give us a sense of Your beauty and Your goodness in creating marriage.

As we become one flesh, give us hearts to be givers of ourselves to one another—a picture of the way You intimately know and give Yourself to us.

As we begin this life together, make our marriage one that glorifies You.