Sunday, March 24, 2013

Easter Week Reading Plan

Last year, I made a reading plan for the week before Easter. It actually starts two days ago. It's loosely based on reading what happened on the corresponding day during Holy Week. I thought I'd post it, in case you're interested in reading special Scriptures for Holy Week.


  • John 11:45-12:50
  • Matthew 21:1-11
  • Luke 19:28-44
  • Matthew 21:10-17
  • Mark 11:12-19
  • Mark 11:20-33 (can go all the way through 13:37 if you want)
  • Matthew 21:23-24:51
  • John 14:1-16:15
  • Matthew 25:1-26:5
  • Matthew 26:6-35
  • John 13
  • Luke 22:24-38
  • John 16:16-17:26
  • Ephesians 1:3-14
Easter Sunday
  • Matthew 28:1-20
  • Luke 24
  • John ch. 20-21

"He reigned supreme above all His creatures, God over all, blessed for ever. Who can tell His height of glory then? And who, on the other hand, can tell how low He descended? To be a man was something, to be a man of sorrows was far more; to bleed, and die, and suffer, these were much for Him who was the Son of God; but to suffer such unparalleled agony--to endure a death of shame and desertion by His Father, this is a depth of condescending love which the most inspired mind must utterly fail to fathom. Herein is love! and truly it is love that "passeth knowledge." O let this love fill our hearts with adoring gratitude, and lead us to practical manifestations of its power." –C.H. Spurgeon

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