Monday, February 1, 2016

Good Grief! A Charlie Brown Party!

I just wanted to write a quick post sharing some of the fun ideas I incorporated into our little one's birthday party!

It was a Peanuts/Charlie Brown theme. I couldn't find anything Peanuts at the party store! So, I went with yellow decor with black zigzags instead. Here are the favor bags and the decorate-your-own cups, for example:

The kids (and adults) had a blast with decorating their cups!

Decorations were kept simple, using red and yellow:

For the food, we had various Peanuts-named/themed dippers and dips, since most toddlers just love to DIP things!

Then, we had some fun Peanuts-themed desserts and drinks, too!

Thanks to the help of our family, it turned out great! And our little one had a blast!

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